Wines of Thrace

New Wines of Ancient Thrace has launched commercial promotions in Wuhan

After its successful presentation at the two seminars in Hefei and Nanjing in September 2017, the Bulgarian Wine Export Association takes a new step towards familiarizing Chinese consumers with the wines of ancient Thrace and their incredible qualities.

For four days, Taste Factory restaurant in Wuhan will be the venue for the wine tasting  including wines from indigenous and international varieties. There will be emphasis on the wines of the Mavrud and Melnik varieties, which were most interested in the seminars.

The New Wines of Ancient Thrace campaign will target both end-users and wine specialists, with which BWEA has built a very good relationship during all the events that were organized in China.

The main focus of the trade promotions will be to highlight the qualities of PDO / PGI / Varieties wines, because these names guarantee excellent organoleptic characteristics, determined by the specifics of the regions, climatic conditions, soil, terroir and atmospheric conditions. The very fact that these categories are introduced by the EU guarantees the quality of products, including wines.

New Wines of Ancient Thrace is a promotional campaign of the Bulgarian Wine Export Association (BWEA), established in 2012 with the main purpose of actively presenting wines with Protected Geographical Indication and Protected Designation of Origin as well as varietial wines on new strategic markets. The main activities of the association are the promotion of wine, the organization of conferences, workshops and seminars with promotional and information purposes, support for increased wine exports through the creation and management of projects funded by EU funds, stepping up of some of the most important world wine markets, as well as focusing on the new modern face of the wines of Ancient Thrace.

Trade promotions take place at Taste Factory in Wuhan, China.