Wines of Thrace

After success in 2016 in China, the Bulgarian Association of Exporters of Wines continues with an extremely intense program and in the current 2017 in the most important Asian wine market.

This year BAVA will focus on seminars and sales promotions in the cities of Hefei, Nanjing and Yuhan in order to reach as many traders, distributors and end users as possible. This is part of the Association’s strategy, which works to promote local wine. Expectations are that only the organized seminars and tastings will be attended by more than 2000 traders.

The events were organized by China Wine Business after the organization’s director Eddie Wong visited the country in June 2017.
Four seminars are planned, one at Hefei and Nanjing and two at Guangzhou.
In addition to the seminars, BAEA will also carry out a business mission with selected traders, importers and distributors, to be attended by members of the Association to position the wines of New Wines of Ancient Thrace in these cities.