Wines of Thrace

NEW WINES OF ANCIENT THRACE Will show their wine elixirs in the most important Asian exhibitions ProWine Shanghai (7-9 November 2016) & Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair from 10 to 12 November 2016

The most successful wine fair in Hong Kong is undoubtedly Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair, which this year will be held between 10 and 12 November. The exhibition attracted 20 000 traders from 75 countries in 2015 and more than 1060 exhibitors from 32 countries.
For retailers of wine and spirits, Hong Kong provides the perfect platform for trading as a free zone representing a logistics center from which can benefit all companies , which are interested not only in China but in whole Asia.
The role of Hong Kong as a wine center, which is extremely important for the marketing of wine in Asia, and that you may be seen from the following figures for 2015: total imports of wine increased by 20.9% in volume terms and 27.6% in value.
Another very successful wine fairs in China is undoubtedly ProWine Shanghai. ProWein Düsseldorf is held every year in March and is rated as the number one wine fair in the world. As a direct continuation of this significant event is the exhibition in Shanghai, which gathers every year more than 10,000 merchants around the world, especially from Asia. EXPO 2015 has attracted 25 percent more visitors than 2014, as a success for this are the efforts of the organizers of the exhibition are promotion in all cities of China.

New Wines of Ancient Thrace promotional campaign of the Bulgarian Association of Exporters of Wine (BAIV), established in 2012 with the main objective the active the presentation of wines with Protected Geographical Indication and Protected designation of origin and varietal wines on new strategic markets. The main activities of the association are the promotion of wine, conferences, workshops and seminars for promotional and informational purposes, support exports of wine through the creation and management of projects financed from EU funds, stepping on some of the most important world wine markets, and focusing on the new modern face of wines from Ancient Thrace.
BWEA already started negotiations with many companies that will visit the exhibition in Hong Kong and Shanghai and hopes of success in the most important market in Asia.
“We truly believe in our success,” said Galina Niforou, chairman of BWEA, few days before the start of the campaign in Asia. “The quality of our wines have never been so high; we have all the necessary resources to be competitive in these markets – excellent quality, good price/quality ratio, interesting new to consumers local varieties, excellent modern look and especially strong motivated winemakers who seek to produce ever better wines year after year. I am sure that all wineries participating in this project will find the right distributor and will start selling its wines on the market in China.
Campaign New Wines of Ancient Thrace proudly highlights the fact that wine is born in these lands before 6000 years. The cult of the god of wine Dionysus actually originates from Ancient Thrace.